Tea & Dreams

Hello folks, I’ll thing it’s time I give back to the community, what I ¬†mean with this is, let’s talk about other folks blogs. In this case High Tea Dreams, with a name that rolls of the tongue just perfect. This blog is dedicated to reviews; from books, to TV show and movies. And the movies! You have oldies, you got things that flew under the radar, foreign flicks and cult classics. And be sure that if what your looking for has no review, you can contact the chap who runs this blogs and request it, and he usually keep … Continue reading Tea & Dreams

Ye Good ole Telly

You ever scan the crowd for them? Those who like you? The faces in the rain, the addicts behind the curtains. You star the night off with two beers, no matter how much you wash your hands the fucking smell of carburetor cleaner and break fluids just won’t leave. You drink your first beer while making that shrimp soup. Twice you glance down, your hands and what you see is your hands are still dirty from the grease, caked under your nails, black as tar. You sit down on the oak table, and start your second beer. The shrimp soup … Continue reading Ye Good ole Telly

3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge Part 1

This entire post was edited because originally I had posted some dark quotes mostly do the fact I had lot of pain, and my Crohn’s was acting up, nothing like having horrible pain after every food you eat. Being this challenge is not call: Post the most dark thing you can come up with, I chose to change it. As hope to change my life here in the future. I have been kindly nominated for the 3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge by The Happy Digest The rules are simple: 1.¬† Post your favorite quotes or your own quotes for 3 … Continue reading 3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge Part 1

Just stander day

Hello, sorry for not posting anything for a little bit there. My computer acting up and I can’t figure if its a virus or some sort of damage to the code. Regardless, today was the first time leaving the house sense the surgery. But sense I can’t drive yet (because of the medication I obviously can drive otherwise), so my friends came and pick me up and just in that moment my sister walking in and explain her car was broken, she wanted me to fix which can’t do my condition. I give her my car, which sort of spooky … Continue reading Just stander day