Overload – Sex

Hi, how are we? Daily we are bombarded with images of sex, from sexy adds in TV or people talking, and weather your secular humanistic or Christian, many of us are open to the idea of liberties of sex. But what of those who treasure the idea of sex and believe to be something very personal. It not about virginity or how many you slept with. It about those who you made connection with. Someone was responded to me with: You wouldn’t want to eat stake for the rest of your life? What sort of mindset images the person next … Continue reading Overload – Sex


Hello, peoples Today topic was brought to you by takingthemaskoff, his inspiration and mask shattering blog has been tremendous help to me in this rather dark times. But one topic reach out to my the most, heroes. You see in this particular occasion takingthemaskoff was talking about real life heroes and the glorification of actors, politicians or even athletes. No, we are talking about the grandfather who took care of you, who mentor you in the ways of fishing and hunting. The aunt who took the hurt girl and taught a lesson about love or could be a cousin. You get the picture. … Continue reading Heroes