Threshold of Beyond

I feel like took a trip back in time, to the last year in which struggle to keep money. The paycheck arrived and it was use in as little as half a second, to pay all the bills that were collected, and yet they didn’t even scratch the surface of the water. So that give you a little bit of anxiety, but then my mother called me and said she been a car accident and the person had runaway. I ran out and help her out, just like the time I ran out and help my dad when he cut … Continue reading Threshold of Beyond

Photography and Life

I have slowly collected an impressive set of pictures, not of the most gorgeous cars or the rarest but the ones, I found unique in one way or another. (This beautiful corvette from the 60s still rocking it fuel injected platform, it owner however was total tool) And sense car nut I wanted to share them with the world. (This is one was the Christian concert that when too, love me some VW transported vans) In other news, I stop bleeding human blood and starting bleeding money. I spend over a thousand dollars paying bills. Continue reading Photography and Life

Blood Doctrine

Bleeding just never get old If you ever look at that crimson life giving fluid and think “huh, shouldn’t that be in me?”. Then your probably like me, half crazy half scare out your mind with this whole bleeding things happens. Even if it last for five days, or two. Seeing your blood spew from either your inside back up, as blood vomit or running down your eyes and nose, it don’t change a thing. Yet life still goes on. Continue reading Blood Doctrine

Ye Good ole Telly

You ever scan the crowd for them? Those who like you? The faces in the rain, the addicts behind the curtains. You star the night off with two beers, no matter how much you wash your hands the fucking smell of carburetor cleaner and break fluids just won’t leave. You drink your first beer while making that shrimp soup. Twice you glance down, your hands and what you see is your hands are still dirty from the grease, caked under your nails, black as tar. You sit down on the oak table, and start your second beer. The shrimp soup … Continue reading Ye Good ole Telly

No place like home

Hello, folks. I woke today to my regular schedule of taking my meds, when all of sudden someone knock at my door. Being a single guy, this usually doesn’t happen. As open the door there is my landlord, and in few fast words he says to me: The city is going to shut your power down. You won’t have electricity for a week. I blink, thinking this must be some sort of joke. Nope. He explains clear and without hesitation that the city find the house a hazardous electric net, which mean they cut the power until a electrician can … Continue reading No place like home

How Everything when Wrong

Hi, I hate to inform you about my tragedy. As anyone reading my blog or new to it will easily find out, I had nasal surgery. After a little while I was back at work. Only for two days ago for the unthinkable to happen. I rupture a vein. It all happen so fast, I sneeze and there next thing now there was fluids coming my nose so fast, I was it was water. In reality it was blood, so fast that I when through five tissues and more. I was soon driving to the emergency room, were I was … Continue reading How Everything when Wrong

Life’s Perfume

Hi, there folks This post will relate to the senses and it continuation from previous post. I took small trip to the local grocery and walked toward the vegetable section, almost at once at was bombarded with aromas unknown to me. I must stood there snorting the air, the nostril still sting. At last I walked over and pick up and apple, how many times have I eat one? Thousand? Maybe more. I brought close to my nose and smell it surface, ah it smell sweet! The lady next to me blink in shock wondering what I’m doing. I move … Continue reading Life’s Perfume