Once in a Cross

Growing I’ll never pay much attention to religion/faith, how we got here and where we go, just didn’t seem like things you needed to be bother with. No one around me seem to even be the slightest interested in. It seem like it was antiquated movement of ill-minded people who were clinging to something I neither comprehend nor could visualize. Delusional perhaps, I would have said. My own attempts to wrap my mind around, were meet with lost as to why anyone would ever spend a minute doing this. As the years progress my mentality around this subject has slowly … Continue reading Once in a Cross

Father Time

Hello It been tremendous amount of time sense my last post. It’s all do to a combination of mental breakdown (that arose as response to year of apathy and depression) and lack of money, which force me to work overtime, and in holidays. I worked Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year. And you think I would had been incredibly sad to have spend those days work instead that with my family. But… Actually, no I was quite happy. It jut happen that in those days before the coming new year, I saw that my inner desperation, the need to run … Continue reading Father Time

Street Preacher

Hello Is in it amusing, how reality is yet stranger than fiction. I had comeback to work from two days off and when right back into working on Ferrari 308 GT4, it owner being huge fan of Magnum P.I and as I’m working on the car, I find myself frustrate, stuck, so I take break. Inside my bay stand a regular of ours; this dark skin porkish man who constantly seems to be sweating, wearing nice cut trim beard, neck tied and Hawaiing t-shirt, a shady sort of character with quick vocabulary like used car salesman and cheap cologne. “Hey, can you help … Continue reading Street Preacher

Two Wars

Hello, folks Recently the theme of “two” paths been enormous in my life. I’ll look at the stack of bills and think how shall I ever climb out this hole, while I don’t have the same enormous anxiety I had once, still pretty big thing in my head. But others tell money isn’t everything, look this spiritual and emotional values. And as try to grasp onto the immaterial I find myself looking back over my shoulder, but what of the money? A war fought in two fronts, will surely exhaust all resources and that what slowly happening. Those who seek … Continue reading Two Wars

How Soon is Now?

Hello, folks like many of you I made this blog with one goal in mind so what was that goal? To focus in positive reinforcement and self achievements that I wanted to complete. I’ll label this the 99, no not for 99 problem and bitch ain’t one, but for Nena 99 Luftballons, I’m totally 80s child. With hopes in dreams that die in the last millennium, that were this little blog get it name: Millennium Decay. Sense the start of the New Century, in 2001, ya sort turns out that when the new century actually started. I didn’t make the … Continue reading How Soon is Now?

Please, if you find in you donate

http://www.gofundme.com/wpy664 Important Please read: As anyone who read this blog knows, I had long struggle with surgeries. One to remove a polyp and reconstruct the nasal canal, that later turn into a mess of busted veins and blood everywhere like slasher film. But you know what been the worse outside of the pain? The fakeness of people. The polite and educated way they tell you, yes I be there. And when you need them, to give a rider because you can’t drive, to come watch over you while you sleep in fear that you bleed again and you won’t be … Continue reading Please, if you find in you donate