Hit the Books Jack!

Do relatively to my young age and the fact not as skilled as others, (hey I’m improving). I have not work on all forms of cars. Among them Subaru, Scion, Saturn, Kia, Infinity, General Motor own Saab, Rotary carburated engines and Jaguar own Ford. So we got talking with Ashley (his a guy) and Joe and after a while, they both suggested I hit the books. Funny coming from two grease up mechanics, there great guys however : ) So going to study some more about the inner workings of this cars and then try to see if I can find one … Continue reading Hit the Books Jack!


Hello, peoples Today topic was brought to you by takingthemaskoff, his inspiration and mask shattering blog has been tremendous help to me in this rather dark times. But one topic reach out to my the most, heroes. You see in this particular occasion takingthemaskoff was talking about real life heroes and the glorification of actors, politicians or even athletes. No, we are talking about the grandfather who took care of you, who mentor you in the ways of fishing and hunting. The aunt who took the hurt girl and taught a lesson about love or could be a cousin. You get the picture. … Continue reading Heroes

Daily Struggles

Hello, I apologize for not writing anything for a while. I’m back in the workforce, turning wrenches and troubleshooting problems. Along with that I’m getting out work each day and going over and working on my Fiat, the entire ordeal has been exhausting. I heard a lot of people talk about how they rebuilding cars is suppose to be therapeutic and keeps you away from drugs, but man so days I think this thing is going to drive me to drinking. But as strange as its, I would still recommend it to anyone who is interested in history, cars and … Continue reading Daily Struggles