Threshold of Beyond

I feel like took a trip back in time, to the last year in which struggle to keep money. The paycheck arrived and it was use in as little as half a second, to pay all the bills that were collected, and yet they didn’t even scratch the surface of the water. So that give you a little bit of anxiety, but then my mother called me and said she been a car accident and the person had runaway. I ran out and help her out, just like the time I ran out and help my dad when he cut … Continue reading Threshold of Beyond

Now Its the Time

Hello, folks Sorry not been on here for a while…lost my internet and cable and still don’t have back. I just stop be a friend’s house and borrow his. People say “without the electronics devices we are free” sure that sounds fine, until you release you made all your bills online, so A) you won’t have paperwork to worry about and B) have to chop down trees for no reason.  So I was unable to figure how much money had in the bank, and how many things needed to pay, great situation to be in! But bet your thinking “Bunnet, … Continue reading Now Its the Time

Vortex of Lunacy

Oh man, feel like my life slipping into some enormous hole. A very good friend of mine drag me after seeing my miserable self and told me, I must go to a specialist to seek help. I was afraid of the mindset I recently had, I wanted to seriously go to this specialist. The meeting was wonderful and very personal, yet when I was there I didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel much because of the apathy at that moment. So here I was with this psychologist and he told me, I was seeing life “black & white” as I’m currently … Continue reading Vortex of Lunacy

God’s lonely man

Boy, going through one those amazingly powerful apathy. One which makes all activities as dull as butter knife, even coming here and typing this seem to provoke a “what the point?” sort of dilemma. Yet, I wish to continue and push forward yet even that seem to require all my energy. PS: Have you ever gone through some enormous apathy? Continue reading God’s lonely man


Hello, peoples Today topic was brought to you by takingthemaskoff, his inspiration and mask shattering blog has been tremendous help to me in this rather dark times. But one topic reach out to my the most, heroes. You see in this particular occasion takingthemaskoff was talking about real life heroes and the glorification of actors, politicians or even athletes. No, we are talking about the grandfather who took care of you, who mentor you in the ways of fishing and hunting. The aunt who took the hurt girl and taught a lesson about love or could be a cousin. You get the picture. … Continue reading Heroes

The Horizon

Hello, I’m finally back to work, slowly I’m accommodating to what was once natural. As reach for the letters in the mail, it more bills, some urging that I should pay before the amount doubles, others than we yet to receive money. In week pass, I would tither and fall into pit of anxiety. Now it different, I place the bills next to a now large collecting pile, well I ever get out this hole? The taught was serious a week ago, now it mist. Like everything inside me, it just state of numbness. My mind crossing a cloud land … Continue reading The Horizon

3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge Part 1

This entire post was edited because originally I had posted some dark quotes mostly do the fact I had lot of pain, and my Crohn’s was acting up, nothing like having horrible pain after every food you eat. Being this challenge is not call: Post the most dark thing you can come up with, I chose to change it. As hope to change my life here in the future. I have been kindly nominated for the 3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge by The Happy Digest The rules are simple: 1.  Post your favorite quotes or your own quotes for 3 … Continue reading 3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge Part 1

Dark Days

Hello, today topic is little deep To what good are morals and commitments if in times of darkness we leave them behind? Why, I had always taught that stealing, murder and life of crime was not a life worth living, little long a thing one should ever do. You see my great-grandfather was a “professional criminal”, never in his life did he showed regret for his colorful choice of career. I long ponder what would driven a completely sane man to a life of crime. Now I know. As waves and waves of anxiety, fear and what can only be … Continue reading Dark Days

Please, if you find in you donate Important Please read: As anyone who read this blog knows, I had long struggle with surgeries. One to remove a polyp and reconstruct the nasal canal, that later turn into a mess of busted veins and blood everywhere like slasher film. But you know what been the worse outside of the pain? The fakeness of people. The polite and educated way they tell you, yes I be there. And when you need them, to give a rider because you can’t drive, to come watch over you while you sleep in fear that you bleed again and you won’t be … Continue reading Please, if you find in you donate