Crystal Ball

Yo Sorry I took so long folks, I been without internet and without a car & medical bills! But incredibly enough somehow the hospital called me and wanted me to do another sort of study, this one regarding possible Sleep Apnea, to be honest I feel incredibly lethargic through the day and hard to keep awake but heck. I can’t do another bill in my pocket, yes health important. But stress creates damage in health which is cure by taking time off work, oh you know the circle already! I’m however trying to relax and not worry about the million of debts … Continue reading Crystal Ball

Vortex of Lunacy

Oh man, feel like my life slipping into some enormous hole. A very good friend of mine drag me after seeing my miserable self and told me, I must go to a specialist to seek help. I was afraid of the mindset I recently had, I wanted to seriously go to this specialist. The meeting was wonderful and very personal, yet when I was there I didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel much because of the apathy at that moment. So here I was with this psychologist and he told me, I was seeing life “black & white” as I’m currently … Continue reading Vortex of Lunacy

Once more with the Feeling – Surgery

Hi, guys! Can you believe this? I surely can’t. Because yup it surgery again, this time do to the fact I had hemorrhaging. Hmm not exactly one of those great moment of your life. Adding to that was the fact my usually “sunny disposition” was exhausted be then. I had six days of incredible pain and discomfort, but did apologize to the nurses and any medical staff for being been cheeky as usually I’m. After surgery things didn’t go so well either, boy oh boy. I woke up to oxygen tubing and asthma that was so severed flared it turn into bronchitis. My … Continue reading Once more with the Feeling – Surgery

Just another Day

Hi, how are you guys? I don’t want this blog to turn into a medical blog but recently its all that been happening in my life. However I will clarified this is not a PITY PARTY, no sir. This just documents what been happening. So as anyone who read my last post knows, I had small accident that turn into a larger one when I was ask to blow my nose in the ER and destroyed five blood vessel in the nose. As result just sitting home with this rhino stopper (it looks like eight inch tampon) in my nose, … Continue reading Just another Day

How Everything when Wrong

Hi, I hate to inform you about my tragedy. As anyone reading my blog or new to it will easily find out, I had nasal surgery. After a little while I was back at work. Only for two days ago for the unthinkable to happen. I rupture a vein. It all happen so fast, I sneeze and there next thing now there was fluids coming my nose so fast, I was it was water. In reality it was blood, so fast that I when through five tissues and more. I was soon driving to the emergency room, were I was … Continue reading How Everything when Wrong

Life’s Perfume

Hi, there folks This post will relate to the senses and it continuation from previous post. I took small trip to the local grocery and walked toward the vegetable section, almost at once at was bombarded with aromas unknown to me. I must stood there snorting the air, the nostril still sting. At last I walked over and pick up and apple, how many times have I eat one? Thousand? Maybe more. I brought close to my nose and smell it surface, ah it smell sweet! The lady next to me blink in shock wondering what I’m doing. I move … Continue reading Life’s Perfume

Great Mistake

Hello, in this case the mistake was not on my part but on the doctor part. I headed to the Clinic, it was new one and everyone was rushing, come and go, go and come. And they forgot to give me anesthesia, it should had jump a red flag but everything was going so fast I didn’t rationalized it. Next thing I know the doctor came and put a twelve inch needle down my nostrils, I felt the entire thing as he suction everything! He did this two more times, I didn’t scream or say anything, somehow the pain made me … Continue reading Great Mistake

A brand new me

Hi, here we are once again. Today is a special post, it pertains to one of the 99 projects I want to finish. In this case this one being surgery. I’m finally undertaking it and today is the day. You see I have been delaying this surgery for now going on 3 years, from the day I got the pneumonia and slowly develop the nasal obstruction that robe me of my sense of smell. From the very first day I been making excuse: oh don’t have money, oh too risky and so on. Some background on this: I developed this … Continue reading A brand new me