Hit the Books Jack!

Do relatively to my young age and the fact not as skilled as others, (hey I’m improving). I have not work on all forms of cars. Among them Subaru, Scion, Saturn, Kia, Infinity, General Motor own Saab, Rotary carburated engines and Jaguar own Ford. So we got talking with Ashley (his a guy) and Joe and after a while, they both suggested I hit the books. Funny coming from two grease up mechanics, there great guys however : ) So going to study some more about the inner workings of this cars and then try to see if I can find one … Continue reading Hit the Books Jack!

Pictures of You

Hello, I have always been camera shy, maybe it the fact not what you called goodlooking or even slightly alright. But I have been ever afraid sense my last two surgeries of losing my memories. The fever, like fervent fire consume so much of them, and with no pictures…all that is forever lost. And you see dear reader, I wanted to immortalize the moments. I know another surgery loom over in the future. So now getting photocrazy and taking pictures of absolutely everything, obviously I’m still not the best and incredibly shy about it. And the sort of guy who can … Continue reading Pictures of You

Silver Screen

Hello folks. Here something I been wanting to do for ages: Watch films. And that is another part of depression, usually I like to watch films with others, but felt like my life choice everyone was saying: Oh don’t watch that, or you watch that? My gosh what wrong with you! So with that in mind, I felt like my choices were terrible, watching alone in my house felt, sort of stupid and without meaning. And that when I discover, I have to feel happy about my own things, at my own time and by myself. Learn to love one … Continue reading Silver Screen

Father Time

Hello It been tremendous amount of time sense my last post. It’s all do to a combination of mental breakdown (that arose as response to year of apathy and depression) and lack of money, which force me to work overtime, and in holidays. I worked Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year. And you think I would had been incredibly sad to have spend those days work instead that with my family. But… Actually, no I was quite happy. It jut happen that in those days before the coming new year, I saw that my inner desperation, the need to run … Continue reading Father Time

Crystal Ball

Yo Sorry I took so long folks, I been without internet and without a car & medical bills! But incredibly enough somehow the hospital called me and wanted me to do another sort of study, this one regarding possible Sleep Apnea, to be honest I feel incredibly lethargic through the day and hard to keep awake but heck. I can’t do another bill in my pocket, yes health important. But stress creates damage in health which is cure by taking time off work, oh you know the circle already! I’m however trying to relax and not worry about the million of debts … Continue reading Crystal Ball

Vortex of Lunacy

Oh man, feel like my life slipping into some enormous hole. A very good friend of mine drag me after seeing my miserable self and told me, I must go to a specialist to seek help. I was afraid of the mindset I recently had, I wanted to seriously go to this specialist. The meeting was wonderful and very personal, yet when I was there I didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel much because of the apathy at that moment. So here I was with this psychologist and he told me, I was seeing life “black & white” as I’m currently … Continue reading Vortex of Lunacy

Life’s Perfume

Hi, there folks This post will relate to the senses and it continuation from previous post. I took small trip to the local grocery and walked toward the vegetable section, almost at once at was bombarded with aromas unknown to me. I must stood there snorting the air, the nostril still sting. At last I walked over and pick up and apple, how many times have I eat one? Thousand? Maybe more. I brought close to my nose and smell it surface, ah it smell sweet! The lady next to me blink in shock wondering what I’m doing. I move … Continue reading Life’s Perfume

Like it or Not

Well hello there, nice to see you decided to drop in once again. Today topic is quite easy: Do you know what makes you feel good? Well clearly you say to yourself, it hanging out with friends, reading and extreme biking! Well maybe not. Have you ever being judge for what you like? Oh do you really enjoy playing video games, I think it major waste of time! This a complete waste of money, you could bought the same shirt for way less. Omg, I don’t think that a right way to use your time This is similar to being … Continue reading Like it or Not

Hundred miles and going nowhere

Oh, hello there I didn’t see you. I was busy counting the number of failures I had in the pass. Oh yes, the obligatory sad phase we all go through in mid-twenties, some longer than other, try five years in my case! Five years in which I started and failed more projects that you have years under your belt, well that only true if you’re not above 99 years old. I wonder if that exaggeration. But let bring back, why did I failed? Because like many of us I measure my success with others accomplishments, who were much further in … Continue reading Hundred miles and going nowhere

Hello world!

Hi, everyone! I like to share a little bit about me, I have gone through a million troubles from health, immigrated to different nation, loss of job, death in the family. But I think we all been there, but you know what truly affect me the most? You guess it, personal failure. The sort of stuff that makes you wonder, why and how did go wrong? Sure failing is part of life, it learning lesson and even venture to say. That we need to fall but not fail. Because we fall and make mistake, failure is to never try again. … Continue reading Hello world!