A brand new me

Hi, here we are once again. Today is a special post, it pertains to one of the 99 projects I want to finish. In this case this one being surgery. I’m finally undertaking it and today is the day. You see I have been delaying this surgery for now going on 3 years, from the day I got the pneumonia and slowly develop the nasal obstruction that robe me of my sense of smell. From the very first day I been making excuse: oh don’t have money, oh too risky and so on. Some background on this: I developed this … Continue reading A brand new me

Hundred miles and going nowhere

Oh, hello there I didn’t see you. I was busy counting the number of failures I had in the pass. Oh yes, the obligatory sad phase we all go through in mid-twenties, some longer than other, try five years in my case! Five years in which I started and failed more projects that you have years under your belt, well that only true if you’re not above 99 years old. I wonder if that exaggeration. But let bring back, why did I failed? Because like many of us I measure my success with others accomplishments, who were much further in … Continue reading Hundred miles and going nowhere

The Questions that moved me

Hi Do you look from approval from others? Do perform things so other may see you, as example? Who are you trying to impress? Those were the question one day my friend propose to me, and I was sure could answer them until I started thinking… I suddnely realize every project I undertaken I was trying to prove something, but to who or better why? Did I believe myself not capable, because of health or social position? The more I search within myself, the more came up with question: Who I am really trying to impress? And then my friend … Continue reading The Questions that moved me