Life’s Perfume

Hi, there folks This post will relate to the senses and it continuation from previous post. I took small trip to the local grocery and walked toward the vegetable section, almost at once at was bombarded with aromas unknown to me. I must stood there snorting the air, the nostril still sting. At last I walked over and pick up and apple, how many times have I eat one? Thousand? Maybe more. I brought close to my nose and smell it surface, ah it smell sweet! The lady next to me blink in shock wondering what I’m doing. I move … Continue reading Life’s Perfume

Great Mistake

Hello, in this case the mistake was not on my part but on the doctor part. I headed to the Clinic, it was new one and everyone was rushing, come and go, go and come. And they forgot to give me anesthesia, it should had jump a red flag but everything was going so fast I didn’t rationalized it. Next thing I know the doctor came and put a twelve inch needle down my nostrils, I felt the entire thing as he suction everything! He did this two more times, I didn’t scream or say anything, somehow the pain made me … Continue reading Great Mistake

A brand new me

Hi, here we are once again. Today is a special post, it pertains to one of the 99 projects I want to finish. In this case this one being surgery. I’m finally undertaking it and today is the day. You see I have been delaying this surgery for now going on 3 years, from the day I got the pneumonia and slowly develop the nasal obstruction that robe me of my sense of smell. From the very first day I been making excuse: oh don’t have money, oh too risky and so on. Some background on this: I developed this … Continue reading A brand new me