Silver Screen

Hello folks. Here something I been wanting to do for ages: Watch films. And that is another part of depression, usually I like to watch films with others, but felt like my life choice everyone was saying: Oh don’t watch that, or you watch that? My gosh what wrong with you! So with that in mind, I felt like my choices were terrible, watching alone in my house felt, sort of stupid and without meaning. And that when I discover, I have to feel happy about my own things, at my own time and by myself. Learn to love one … Continue reading Silver Screen

No place like home

Hello, folks. I woke today to my regular schedule of taking my meds, when all of sudden someone knock at my door. Being a single guy, this usually doesn’t happen. As open the door there is my landlord, and in few fast words he says to me: The city is going to shut your power down. You won’t have electricity for a week. I blink, thinking this must be some sort of joke. Nope. He explains clear and without hesitation that the city find the house a hazardous electric net, which mean they cut the power until a electrician can … Continue reading No place like home