Hello folks! I’m Bunnet, I obviously run this blog but there more to me than that

  • I’m sarcastic
  • Black humor
  • Curious
  • Fun loving person

But who isn’t this days?

With this blog I hope to accomplished many personal goals and to help others who feel they maybe stock in dead in situation.

Now for little about me: I enjoyed researching, reading and writing about all sort of political, geographical, scientific and historical information. I’m usually drawn into new projects that stretch my capabilities of understanding and artistic behavior, however I lack self-confidence and I find myself filled negative taught that prevent any progress.

Why do I write?

I don’t know. I guess it started when I was kid and would imagine how life be somewhere else other than here, then took few field trips and bam! Imagination kingdom. All sudden I was navigating through life with poetry, panting and writing as self-defense mechanism.
Well hope you guys enjoy my blog, leave a comment and remember I love reading others blogs!


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