Threshold of Beyond

I feel like took a trip back in time, to the last year in which struggle to keep money.

The paycheck arrived and it was use in as little as half a second, to pay all the bills that were collected, and yet they didn’t even scratch the surface of the water. So that give you a little bit of anxiety, but then my mother called me and said she been a car accident and the person had runaway.

I ran out and help her out, just like the time I ran out and help my dad when he cut his leg with buzzsaw or when he was about to be taken to jail, if you see a pattern here, I’m the adult and they may kids.

She was fine a little shaken but fine, but then my sister car broke down. Oh boy it just one those amazing weeks.

PS: So tell me guys, do you guys play the part of the adult for someone who is much older than you?

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