Confession of Workaholic


I have been called a workaholic by many. I usually work 6 days a week, using my single day off to do paperwork (bills, looking for things to invest in) so I don’t usually hang out much. I look for any opportunity to work overtime, to remain at work and make more hours, more money. Yet, don’t exactly like my work.

And while others may see a slight obsession with my work, having in 3 years only miss 5 days, I say I’m lazy. I should have second job, I should be doing much more.

However all my obsessive behavior has paid off, if there any extra hours or someone missing, my boss calls me, I’m the most reliable worker there is. So I usually end up with 53+ hours of work. Some days I skip lunch to add to the hours.

So you can all guess what happen after three days of skipping launch and eating granola bars.

If you guess I look quite pale, and near point of fainting and had to go home and my boss offer to drive me, because how sick I look, you are right. Now if you guess that when home slept for an hour and said, hell I can’t mix work! Than your more right, because I return right to work : )

Obviously my boss and everyone present was shock, but as I say, missing a day of work is nono in my book.

PS: Is there anything out there you folks have an obsession and drive you even to some unhealthy points?

9 thoughts on “Confession of Workaholic

      1. I don’t think so, that would mean it human nature to beat woman, to rape people. Human nature is inconstancy, thirst, fear and love but not pain and suffering. That the human condition, the struggle something much different

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      2. That’s true. But on a sociological standpoint, anything has the potential of becoming the norm, no matter how frivolous or horrible it may be. Different perspectives change outlooks on what’s good and what’s bad. It’s our individuality that makes mankind malleable enough to shape human nature in any way we please and time knows no limits.


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