Tea & Dreams

Hello folks,

I’ll thing it’s time I give back to the community, what I  mean with this is, let’s talk about other folks blogs. In this case High Tea Dreams, with a name that rolls of the tongue just perfect.

This blog is dedicated to reviews; from books, to TV show and movies. And the movies! You have oldies, you got things that flew under the radar, foreign flicks and cult classics. And be sure that if what your looking for has no review, you can contact the chap who runs this blogs and request it, and he usually keep with his word unlike those sticking politics.

And now let talk about the man behind the curtain, Geoffrey Valentine, yup. His fine lad,  his unbiased opinions make for wonderful reviews, combine that with bit of nostalgia and he makes for one excellent critic. I have often find myself lurking on his site, looking for movie and book reviews.

From countless interaction with Geoffrey, I can safely said his welcoming chap who appreciate all sort of media, sort of reminds me of straight talking detective from something like the French Connection or Bullit, if you know those movies then you know what talking about.

I like to close this with saying, don’t be stranger and check out High Tea Dreams, you won’t be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Tea & Dreams

  1. What a great write-up! Wow, I did not expect this. Thank you, Nicolas. You are very kind and open – minded to stick with a slightly crazy blogger like me, lol. I really appreciate your support. Many people have visited HTD once or a few times, many never return. But I am thrilled when someone is a regular and checks out previous posts too. Good hearted people like you make it worthwhile. Well done on coming up with an interesting new category too. 🙂

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    1. I taught they were so many nice and interesting bloggers so I just felt compel to write a review on them. You being a the top of my list, and I think your great guy, don’t sweat the small stuff. People come all the time to my site but hardly ever leave comments, so I feel you

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