Pictures of You


I have always been camera shy, maybe it the fact not what you called goodlooking or even slightly alright. But I have been ever afraid sense my last two surgeries of losing my memories.

The fever, like fervent fire consume so much of them, and with no pictures…all that is forever lost. And you see dear reader, I wanted to immortalize the moments. I know another surgery loom over in the future.

So now getting photocrazy and taking pictures of absolutely everything, obviously I’m still not the best and incredibly shy about it. And the sort of guy who can approach an unknown stranger in the street and strike a conversation, I can walked up to anyone women and do the same. But picture that whole mess up “awkward”.

PS: Anyone else hitting the lenses for the first time?

8 thoughts on “Pictures of You

      1. You just stick to doing something one day out of the week on your blog. Like I do Check-In Wednesdays where I just rant about my week. Some people do weekly posts abouts polls or contests or just posting pictures a given topic.

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