Silver Screen

Hello folks.

Here something I been wanting to do for ages: Watch films. And that is another part of depression, usually I like to watch films with others, but felt like my life choice everyone was saying: Oh don’t watch that, or you watch that? My gosh what wrong with you!

So with that in mind, I felt like my choices were terrible, watching alone in my house felt, sort of stupid and without meaning. And that when I discover, I have to feel happy about my own things, at my own time and by myself.

Learn to love one self, that also comes along with learning to appreciate your own values even in foreign land. Standing for your religion, morality and integrity.

Next time will you see a list of the movies I have seeing, will see and consider good.


12 thoughts on “Silver Screen

      1. Flowers in the attic is an old thriller film. The original dawn of the dead. Basically a lot of original horror movies that were remade. Awakening with Katie Holmes. I don’t know much about detective movies or car chases. Mad Max? 🙂

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      2. Flowers In The Attic is a cult classic from 1970s, a thriller about incest. Very interesting. There were five books in the Dollanganger series but only the first book became a movie. Just Google them. 🙂

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