Train to Nowhere


A memory of childhood floats to my heads: People are pushing and shouting. I look outside the train window, the mist from the morning covers the woods and beautiful mantel of stars lay above us. My child like mind can’t comprehend the infinitum that above us.

In those moments I didn’t know the train had stop because someone had throw themselves in front of it, crush be the wheels, they say it was man whose wife had left him. I wonder if he look up to the stars and saw only cold infinity starting back at him, alone and without any opportunity.


9 thoughts on “Train to Nowhere

      1. After the surgery, the combination of the lost of blood, the strong medication and fevers, it erase most of my childhood memories, along with some adult ones too. So I had to retrying my brain, learning a new language, operating cars and video games

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      2. You must be very mentally resilient. Some people in your place would have given up, but I love how you presevere and adapt to any given situation.

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      3. Well thank you very much, that comment make me feel very appreciate it. Oh I try heck of a lot of times, and very hard. Somedays I fail and hit the bottle, not my best moments, but talked about in other post

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