Street Preacher


Is in it amusing, how reality is yet stranger than fiction. I had comeback to work from two days off and when right back into working on Ferrari 308 GT4, it owner being huge fan of Magnum P.I and as I’m working on the car, I find myself frustrate, stuck, so I take break. Inside my bay stand a regular of ours; this dark skin porkish man who constantly seems to be sweating, wearing nice cut trim beard, neck tied and Hawaiing t-shirt, a shady sort of character with quick vocabulary like used car salesman and cheap cologne.

“Hey, can you help me?” He asked me, in his whispering tone like his got some enormous secret to hide.

I squint my eyes, my joints hurting from the awkward position of having work on the Ferrari. “What do you want?” I asked defensively. Why can’t people just go away. I think, my head pounding.

“Look, man it just a moment.” He looks left right, again like some freaking secret, this guy pissing me off. “I need you to have look something.” He rushes out my bay and into his truck.

I roll my eyes and every step hurts, the air outside of the bay is hot and thick like living thing. Stupid head, stupid people and stupid Ferrari. As get closer I can feel myself getting closer to the edge, I put on that smirk. This guy signaling me to come closer. “What?” I asked grinding my teeth.

“Does this look broken to you?” He eagerly points at marine engine, Johnson Evinrude.

I sight. I’m not marine mechanism and I know how expensive they can be, so your having do all there dirty work huh? I climbed in the bed of the pick up truck to have look at the engine, it cover in grime. I hate grime. I’m now sweating and this guy behind me keeps asking me how this marine engine is doing. I turn around and tire and frustrated. “It fine.”

He staring at me, blinking like his never before seeing a human being frustrated and all sudden he ask. “Are you religious man?”

The question comes like icy danger and twice careful at stepping out the truck. “I used to.” Before I can formulate a proper answer he adds.

“I seeing you questioning the Lord, and let me tell you He has answers.” His not sounding like himself, the usual whisper the strange fellow who always skimming something. No he sound like some concern friend.

“I…I think been asking questions.” I can’t form taught because this too shocking.

“Son, God’s a knocking you just have to let Him in.” His words more firm and friendly that they ever been before.

I however shock to to the core, scare and afraid. I wanna run. My mind goes back to the Ferrari, I should jump and drive faraway from this place possible. “I try.” I answer stepping back few steps.

“You have already try everything, why can you just let go and give your last to God.” The heat that being clinging in the air, vanishing and the sky grows dark.

I’m rack with fear I wanna finish this conversation, I just keep answering stupid numb, ya’s and ya’s in hope of getting away. He keeps talking as run back to the bay, I’m sweating, confuse and scare. A million thing running through my head. Work become impossible as keep thinking of him and the strange words he said.


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