Overload – Sex

Hi, how are we?

Daily we are bombarded with images of sex, from sexy adds in TV or people talking, and weather your secular humanistic or Christian, many of us are open to the idea of liberties of sex. But what of those who treasure the idea of sex and believe to be something very personal. It not about virginity or how many you slept with. It about those who you made connection with. Someone was responded to me with: You wouldn’t want to eat stake for the rest of your life?

What sort of mindset images the person next to you as meat, meat to pleased and discard. Maybe it result of our new rapid life style that says: Go to college with sex and drugs, go party with sex and well have about we have more sex.

I hate to sound like judgmental monster, because I obviously have my own weak areas. I suffer from depression and many others issues.

2 thoughts on “Overload – Sex

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