Hello, peoples

Today topic was brought to you by takingthemaskoff, his inspiration and mask shattering blog has been tremendous help to me in this rather dark times. But one topic reach out to my the most, heroes.

You see in this particular occasion takingthemaskoff was talking about real life heroes and the glorification of actors, politicians or even athletes. No, we are talking about the grandfather who took care of you, who mentor you in the ways of fishing and hunting. The aunt who took the hurt girl and taught a lesson about love or could be a cousin. You get the picture. Real life people with real life problems, who took minute to help you.

And I remember a very real hero that was my uncle, he came into my life in period were everything seem bleak (how why that someone familiar?), he didn’t own a car, he didn’t have a good job and his clothes were not the best. So to young poor boy like myself, what was there for me to look up to? Love.

Yes, silly as that sound my uncle was loved be all his children and his children’s children and his wife. I saw that as the greatest treasure a man could achieve in this life, the love of others. The charisma this man had was magnetic, people enjoy his company. And I wanted to prove to myself, to him and to all those around him that being sick boy didn’t make me useless.

I was inspire be hero to be the best I could, I work hard 60 to 70 hours a week. In my mind I soon purchase a car for him, buy him everything that he never had. And then I got the call.

“Your uncle had stroke and is now braindead. We well be disconnecting him tomorrow.”

What did I do? I work, because I didn’t know how to express my feelings because I don’t know were should go, what to do heroes are immortal. Untarnished be the age, unmoved be calamities and above all not death. For days the memories of my uncle and I, walking across the snowy New York landscape play in my mind.

As the days turn to week, week into moths, the image hunted me. His words to me ring in my head: You know I just never got it, owing a car, getting a house, working 8 to 7, all for what? What it gonna take to make dream survive? I don’t want to find out.

I was conflicted, had I betray the man’s teaching be doing all the opposite. Yet felt I needed to work to complete that promise to him, to one day get that car and fulfilled his last wishes. I yet to achieve it.

But recently it seems I forgotten all the man’s teaching, I’m sweating every drop of money, thinking taught of that great-grandfather who was jewel thief and forgetting about the most important thing, those who love us.

PS: And the car? Soon, yet we have to wonder how soon is now?

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