Two Wars

Hello, folks

Recently the theme of “two” paths been enormous in my life. I’ll look at the stack of bills and think how shall I ever climb out this hole, while I don’t have the same enormous anxiety I had once, still pretty big thing in my head. But others tell money isn’t everything, look this spiritual and emotional values. And as try to grasp onto the immaterial I find myself looking back over my shoulder, but what of the money?

A war fought in two fronts, will surely exhaust all resources and that what slowly happening.

Those who seek to help me with views of religions and morals are going to get tire, and my faith is going to be extinguish while still been unable to pay the bills. So forget the bills and pray and love…not so easy, the battle for money still there. As fight for more money, ignoring some morals and choosing money over faith, another battle stars. And so it goes on cycles. Everyday inching closer to a terminal point.

In the last days those in either side have ask, when will you come around? When will you say the mistake and get your life on the right track. Soon I answer, but myself wonder how soon…is now?

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