Great Cycles

Hello, folks

I been deeply examining my life. The boy who long for affection, pre-teen street culture kid, atheist teenage anarchist, the young adult who look for the lost mysticism of the world (I could easily called my hippie days) and then the confuse adult. This not only stages in my life but they also form what can be only describe as the Great Cycles, wow sounds like major cataclysm. Nope, it no great destruction the Great Cycles are how I often change from one “hot mess to another”  what others describes radical personality shift.

Seem bizarre and insane? To me it just normal, I mean after all my mother always behave that way, so did my aunt and many family members.

The issue here? Well obviously outside of the fact most people think you are crazy, not reliable or just playing nuts. So I wonder how soon before could escape this insanity.


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