How Soon is Now?

Hello, folks like many of you I made this blog with one goal in mind so what was that goal?

To focus in positive reinforcement and self achievements that I wanted to complete. I’ll label this the 99, no not for 99 problem and bitch ain’t one, but for Nena 99 Luftballons, I’m totally 80s child. With hopes in dreams that die in the last millennium, that were this little blog get it name: Millennium Decay.

Sense the start of the New Century, in 2001, ya sort turns out that when the new century actually started. I didn’t make the rule I only read them. Sense that very moment been plague with horrendous questions as to myself; Who I am? What  do I believe in? What is my purpose? What fills me with joy and wonder?

Out those questions I so far have answer, none. I travel down many roads; paganism, secular humanism, medicine & spiritual healing, physiological help and meditation. You know gone to meet and shake hands to see if they can lift me from this perpetual problems.

In conclusion, I reach nothing and wonder in the crossroads who and what I’m and when will that answer come. Some tell me, soon and I wonder, how soon is now?


14 thoughts on “How Soon is Now?

    1. I always found Jack Kereuac, so fascinating. He seem to me to be the real “tough” drinking, working for the service and driving down that loathsome road. Not what called role model, but still awesome


    1. Awesome! You are the first person to get the reference. I would say this joke isn’t funny anymore but bigmouth strikes again, but please stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before : )

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      1. That is so so odd to me that no picked up on the reference. Yeah Johnny Mar is god, and Peter Buck is the messiah, the question remains who is the holy ghost in the scenario, Robert Smith? Does that complete the trinity?

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