Dark Days

Hello, today topic is little deep

To what good are morals and commitments if in times of darkness we leave them behind? Why, I had always taught that stealing, murder and life of crime was not a life worth living, little long a thing one should ever do. You see my great-grandfather was a “professional criminal”, never in his life did he showed regret for his colorful choice of career. I long ponder what would driven a completely sane man to a life of crime.

Now I know. As waves and waves of anxiety, fear and what can only be called acute paranoia over the fear of being unable to pay may bills suffocate me, an dark taught formed within my head. I feel like a failed in personal level, because I allowed this to affect me, to lose my faith in all ways of my life.

I want to this horrible times to pass, for this dark days to be thing of yesterday.

PS: Ever been driving to the point you broke, and your morals were compromise.

4 thoughts on “Dark Days

    1. Well thank you, very much. I must say I nearly lost faith in myself, humanity and the spiritual world. But slowly thing to see the good from the bad.
      This most interesting and the first time I been nominated for anything, I gladly accept the challenge


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