Please, if you find in you donate

Important Please read: As anyone who read this blog knows, I had long struggle with surgeries. One to remove a polyp and reconstruct the nasal canal, that later turn into a mess of busted veins and blood everywhere like slasher film. But you know what been the worse outside of the pain? The fakeness of people.

The polite and educated way they tell you, yes I be there. And when you need them, to give a rider because you can’t drive, to come watch over you while you sleep in fear that you bleed again and you won’t be able to get to the phone, well then there always a reason why to skip out.

When I originally ask for donations, I didn’t want 100 dollars or 50, nothing like that. Just 1, dollar can make difference if everyone pile together…nothing happen. Everyone ignore me, my circle of so called friends who posted online for everyone to view, well it was easy to ignore sick person pleading for help, and go and talk about how X got drunk with Y, and did you hear about the baby Z made with K, yes! No way!

I felt betray and frustrated, I wasn’t asking for people to buy me a car, to give a vacation or pay for my college. No I was asking little help from them because I had so many surgeries, and bills were pilling up.

So repeat myself, if anyone can find in there heart to donate gosh I be so happy. But you know I sort of lost faith in humankind. Sorry for the harsh words but it true.

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