No place like home

Hello, folks.

I woke today to my regular schedule of taking my meds, when all of sudden someone knock at my door. Being a single guy, this usually doesn’t happen. As open the door there is my landlord, and in few fast words he says to me: The city is going to shut your power down. You won’t have electricity for a week.

I blink, thinking this must be some sort of joke. Nope. He explains clear and without hesitation that the city find the house a hazardous electric net, which mean they cut the power until a electrician can come over and fix it. My mother who currently taking care me comes back from shopping. I explained the situation, she tries to reason with him that first I just gotten out surgery and can’t move much, that we have a refrigerator full groceries, that she work and were would we stay. His reply shook his head: I’m sorry.

So we had hop out there because it blazing summer here and leave.

Currently staying at friend’s house.

If you guys know anyone or have any extra money, please consider donating to my medical bills. NO YOUR MONEY WILL NOT BE MISS USED. I’m using it to pay my massive debt, that accumulated over 3 surgeries, and 2 visit to the ER. Here is the link, please pass it on:


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