Once more with the Feeling – Surgery

Hi, guys!

Can you believe this? I surely can’t. Because yup it surgery again, this time do to the fact I had hemorrhaging. Hmm not exactly one of those great moment of your life. Adding to that was the fact my usually “sunny disposition” was exhausted be then. I had six days of incredible pain and discomfort, but did apologize to the nurses and any medical staff for being been cheeky as usually I’m.

After surgery things didn’t go so well either, boy oh boy. I woke up to oxygen tubing and asthma that was so severed flared it turn into bronchitis. My chest hurt like someone invisible force was gripping my lungs tight and the little around around was steaming hot. The nurses keep speaking my name, trying to not allow to fall sleep in panic that would not wake up. I meanwhile could not speak, my air reserved were so short I had only one option take in air or talk.

After long while of mental struggles I chose to to the later. Chest too tight. Were the only words I mutter, quickly oxygen was replaced with concentrated albuterol (a medicine use to control asthma and breathing problems). Having asthma all your life never quite prepare you for when you can’t breath, it feeling unlike anything else. Very unnerving.

Once they were able to properly maintained me oxygen levels, two nurses and surgeon spoke to me about the possible risk of this operation: pain, no lifting and many others things. However added to this surgery was the red alert, at the first sight of anything I was to call the surgeon. No trying to toughed up, working through it or any of those other things I doing before.

I was to get extreme rest, which what I’m doing. I just wanted to do quick update of my condition. See you later.

PS: Do you guys have any medical conditions? If so, do you hide them or do you openly speak to other about them?


15 thoughts on “Once more with the Feeling – Surgery

      1. Oh whoops. I meant awful. Not the word that was written haha I am so sleepy.

        It’s always bad. Every bad day is bad. Especially when you go from being reasonably good, to not good.. It’s hard. I understand entirely. I really hope you begin to feel a bit better soon. Or at least that more days come for you xx

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      2. Thank you, its early here too and should be sleep but it hard to sleep with that uncomfortable pain makes me feel like I had secret life in Fight Club, face hurts.
        I do hope some good days do come, I been longing for them and the same to you, we all need them.

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  1. Similar thing happened to me when I had a severe asthma attack. I was very rude to the nurse because I was in so much pain. I felt terrible about it after and i apologized and started crying. They hugged me and told me it would be okay. 🙂

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    1. I wasn’t rude, I was just not making jokes as usually do. But did told one nurse who come ask me “are you read?” and looked here said “no I’m oxygen,” nothing rude just the truth. But my mother who was there, said: If she comes second time I my pull that bitches hair!

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      1. Lol your mother seems funny 🙂 don’t give up. You seem like a strong person. It would be tragic to waste such a brilliant mind if you give up.

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      2. My mother never thinks she is funny, but the woman hilarious be how racist and vocal she is about everything.

        I’m trying not to but boy has life has dealt my some wrinkle up cards

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      3. The odd is why play sly of hand, and keep them tuck under our sleeves or perhaps we make our cards, play a Mao game as they say, never say the rules otherwise you lose

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    1. Thank you for the comments, indeed I’m similar I keep my health issues to myself and usually don’t speak them out but been so mind-numbing frustrating this year, it nearly impossible


      1. I had terrible experience with my last reaching out, no one help me. Everyone casually turn there heads in order not to gaze at the sick boy


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