Just another Day

Hi, how are you guys?

I don’t want this blog to turn into a medical blog but recently its all that been happening in my life. However I will clarified this is not a PITY PARTY, no sir. This just documents what been happening.

So as anyone who read my last post knows, I had small accident that turn into a larger one when I was ask to blow my nose in the ER and destroyed five blood vessel in the nose. As result just sitting home with this rhino stopper (it looks like eight inch tampon) in my nose, to prevent blood from flowing out my nose.

You think with all the free time I would do more blog post, well turns out that stressing over money, pain and a lot more things completely making hard to write anything. I think over and over, what can do to make money? Who can contact, what have I miss…and then there is the part about the way I look.

You know having this thing up my nose does effect how see myself and my body image. But that be in another post.

PS: Have you been had surgery and it when wrong? Any trips to the ER, were the doctors nice?


7 thoughts on “Just another Day

  1. Hello again, you poor thing! You have been in the wars health-wise. I went to ER once in chronic pain but it only turned out to be extreme indigestion. It was the day Princess Diana died and the staff were more interested in the news reports than a patient like me lol. As for what you wrote on my blog, if you want to suggest a review for me please do but I can’t guarantee anything. I only began writing/blogging in February so I’m a beginner too.
    my email:highteadreams@hotmail.com

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    1. Wow that bring back memories, I was in Brazil was she died, my cab driver heard through his radio and stop the car and started sobbing. I took my seltbelt off and he park the car and we talked for a while, I try to comfort him but he was so heartbroken.

      I usually medically wise fragile but man, this year I burst out my luck with doctors, surgeons and visits not to say medical bills.

      Wow for someone so new you do have a lot of talent, sure I send you an email and if it don’t happen oh well, if it does that be amazing!

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      1. That will be lovely. I look forward to it. I wish I knew the answer to your financial worries and pain. My blog has taken my mind off my depression and social phobia. Keep expressing yourself in words and take one day at a time. Who knows what the future may bring? Peace

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      2. Thank you for your incredibly positive messages. I don’t know what the future may bring but indeed it be excellent if it were positive change.

        I got say something rally odd, I have only meet one other person name Geoffrey and that was my old boss and my middle name is Valentine, so your user name is really/real name really awesome!

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      3. Your great person and I appreciate that.

        Yes, very unusual but I like your name and loved my old boss, he taught he a lot of things plus he because sort of like uncle to me.

        And thank you, for your kind words

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      4. No problem. It is so refreshing to meet such a warm and friendly person like you on the internet! As for my name I think you are the first male to ever say they like it. A few women, like my landlady, have said they like it but never men. Anyway, you’ve brightened my day so I am grateful to you. You can tell me your name or not. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Till next time…

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