Daily Struggles

Hello, I apologize for not writing anything for a while.

I’m back in the workforce, turning wrenches and troubleshooting problems. Along with that I’m getting out work each day and going over and working on my Fiat, the entire ordeal has been exhausting. I heard a lot of people talk about how they rebuilding cars is suppose to be therapeutic and keeps you away from drugs, but man so days I think this thing is going to drive me to drinking. But as strange as its, I would still recommend it to anyone who is interested in history, cars and feeling of accomplishments.

Adding to the daily struggles is the fact I’m trying to recover my bank account from the punch it took from me not working during the surgery, sadly the world still rolling and I had to pay bills.

Sadly work has become a battleground, with half of the shop fighting the other half and calling them out in there mistakes and pointing fingers, with me in the middle, having to deal with that sort of thing daily is just draining. To hear this people argue 24/7 and shout out one another for the little bit things, man if this continues I’m jumping ship.

PS: Have you ever found yourself caught between two people? What was your worse situation when choosing?


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