Dark Days

Hello, today topic is little deep To what good are morals and commitments if in times of darkness we leave them behind? Why, I had always taught that stealing, murder and life of crime was not a life worth living, little long a thing one should ever do. You see my great-grandfather was a “professional criminal”, never in his life did he showed regret for his colorful choice of career. I long ponder what would driven a completely sane man to a life of crime. Now I know. As waves and waves of anxiety, fear and what can only be … Continue reading Dark Days

Please, if you find in you donate

http://www.gofundme.com/wpy664 Important Please read: As anyone who read this blog knows, I had long struggle with surgeries. One to remove a polyp and reconstruct the nasal canal, that later turn into a mess of busted veins and blood everywhere like slasher film. But you know what been the worse outside of the pain? The fakeness of people. The polite and educated way they tell you, yes I be there. And when you need them, to give a rider because you can’t drive, to come watch over you while you sleep in fear that you bleed again and you won’t be … Continue reading Please, if you find in you donate

No place like home

Hello, folks. I woke today to my regular schedule of taking my meds, when all of sudden someone knock at my door. Being a single guy, this usually doesn’t happen. As open the door there is my landlord, and in few fast words he says to me: The city is going to shut your power down. You won’t have electricity for a week. I blink, thinking this must be some sort of joke. Nope. He explains clear and without hesitation that the city find the house a hazardous electric net, which mean they cut the power until a electrician can … Continue reading No place like home

Once more with the Feeling – Surgery

Hi, guys! Can you believe this? I surely can’t. Because yup it surgery again, this time do to the fact I had hemorrhaging. Hmm not exactly one of those great moment of your life. Adding to that was the fact my usually “sunny disposition” was exhausted be then. I had six days of incredible pain and discomfort, but did apologize to the nurses and any medical staff for being been cheeky as usually I’m. After surgery things didn’t go so well either, boy oh boy. I woke up to oxygen tubing and asthma that was so severed flared it turn into bronchitis. My … Continue reading Once more with the Feeling – Surgery

Just another Day

Hi, how are you guys? I don’t want this blog to turn into a medical blog but recently its all that been happening in my life. However I will clarified this is not a PITY PARTY, no sir. This just documents what been happening. So as anyone who read my last post knows, I had small accident that turn into a larger one when I was ask to blow my nose in the ER and destroyed five blood vessel in the nose. As result just sitting home with this rhino stopper (it looks like eight inch tampon) in my nose, … Continue reading Just another Day

How Everything when Wrong

Hi, I hate to inform you about my tragedy. As anyone reading my blog or new to it will easily find out, I had nasal surgery. After a little while I was back at work. Only for two days ago for the unthinkable to happen. I rupture a vein. It all happen so fast, I sneeze and there next thing now there was fluids coming my nose so fast, I was it was water. In reality it was blood, so fast that I when through five tissues and more. I was soon driving to the emergency room, were I was … Continue reading How Everything when Wrong

Daily Struggles

Hello, I apologize for not writing anything for a while. I’m back in the workforce, turning wrenches and troubleshooting problems. Along with that I’m getting out work each day and going over and working on my Fiat, the entire ordeal has been exhausting. I heard a lot of people talk about how they rebuilding cars is suppose to be therapeutic and keeps you away from drugs, but man so days I think this thing is going to drive me to drinking. But as strange as its, I would still recommend it to anyone who is interested in history, cars and … Continue reading Daily Struggles