Life’s Perfume

Hi, there folks

This post will relate to the senses and it continuation from previous post.

I took small trip to the local grocery and walked toward the vegetable section, almost at once at was bombarded with aromas unknown to me. I must stood there snorting the air, the nostril still sting. At last I walked over and pick up and apple, how many times have I eat one? Thousand? Maybe more. I brought close to my nose and smell it surface, ah it smell sweet! The lady next to me blink in shock wondering what I’m doing.

I move down the line and pick up a green bundle of salary, oh that good, next it potato, hmm seems like the smell is too faint. Ok, what this, watermelon, aww that good is smell like the apple sweet but totally different!

My eye caged some flowers in the next corner and think, pollen could affect me too much. I don’t try it, but I walked be them. Too faint to smell anything.

Next I headed to sandwich shop, yup I was visiting places and seeing what they smell like.

On the way there I smell burn rubber for the first time, that was horrible.

The first two smells sting the already red nostrils, I would later learn it was vinegar and balsamic sauce.

I smell something heavenly, something that awaken my appetite, oh that new feeling! Appetite from smell, what curious thing. As I approach the front of the store, there its the source of the aroma, rotisserie chicken. I must say, never quite care for it before I had no sense of smell, it tasted bland, perhaps as result of no olfactory reception.

But there something else in the air, and turn to see one of my favorite meats: roast beef. Someone is having some fresh cuts, ah never knew it smell that good, is that pepper and lemons? Wow didn’t know one can smell condiments.

I could continue with this post for hours, for there was even a time I smell cigarettes in order to check what it was like, not good : (

PS: Is there any smell, that awaken your appetite?


11 thoughts on “Life’s Perfume

  1. Maybe after your nasal surgery, it may have overcorrected. Or maybe your sense of smell is heightened to superhuman strength. There’s always a positive way to look at things. 🙂

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      1. At first it looks like it would be intolerable, but then as the days roll be it because easier and finally it sort of normal, until smelling because the nuisance if that makes any sense

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      2. Diplopia is double vision. I have to wear an eye patch to prevent my double vision from giving me headaches. People stare at me in public but they look at me weird regardless. I have to have my third eye surgery this Summer.

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      3. I have colorblindness but nothing like that, you know the occasional laugh because I pick a yellow thing and it was suppose to be the white.

        Do you have different fashionable eyepatches?

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      4. I find different color eye patches to be distracting. I have my original black eye patch. But i have been looking online for gothic eye patches but the good ones are really expensive.

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