Great Mistake

Hello, in this case the mistake was not on my part but on the doctor part.

I headed to the Clinic, it was new one and everyone was rushing, come and go, go and come. And they forgot to give me anesthesia, it should had jump a red flag but everything was going so fast I didn’t rationalized it. Next thing I know the doctor came and put a twelve inch needle down my nostrils, I felt the entire thing as he suction everything!

He did this two more times, I didn’t scream or say anything, somehow the pain made me think it was normal part of the surgery. That was until he did a third time and was pulling a golfball size tumor from within my nose, I shouted: I can feel everything!

At moment instant he dropped everything, ask me how come the nurse didn’t numb me, I explain she rush in and forgot. He was furious at her, that upon giving me some medicine to calm me down, and after making sure my bleeding had stop he left. I was alone with my pain which was so disorienting that for a second I forgot what year it was or where it was night or day. I could hear him telling her all sort of things. I truly felt bad for her.

We resume the operation, extracting more bone, cartilage and blood from within my nose. He stop after an hour, said there was too much and we have to continue next week. I was so much pain my teeth hurt and my mouth was swollen, I can’t speak or sleep very well without suffering incredible pain.

But glad this one more step.

PS: Have you guys ever been so much pain you felt disoriented? Ever had medical error?


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