Just stander day

Hello, sorry for not posting anything for a little bit there.

My computer acting up and I can’t figure if its a virus or some sort of damage to the code. Regardless, today was the first time leaving the house sense the surgery. But sense I can’t drive yet (because of the medication I obviously can drive otherwise), so my friends came and pick me up and just in that moment my sister walking in and explain her car was broken, she wanted me to fix which can’t do my condition.

I give her my car, which sort of spooky because she not my insurance, but she needed for college and work. She also going through bad breakup, her best friend slept with her then current boyfriend, she still has feeling for her ex and she not feeling well and wanted an escape and then her car broke down, it was too much for her. Within a few hours she was sending messaging about how much she love it : ) I’m just glad could help as big brother.

We when to see Mad Max, which reinforced my wanting to build a survivor car, that be one heck of an art project.

PS: You guys you ever been situation, where you were capable of helping someone but inconvenient you? Ever help some with bad break up?


3 thoughts on “Just stander day

  1. Yeah i do that quite often. I’m quite altruistic. I enjoy helping others even if it inconveniences me. God always rewards me for my good deeds regardless of sacrifice.

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    1. I’m glad to hear that, I recently been reading about the art of giving with joyful heart and hospitality.
      I don’t have many skills but the few I ado, I usually try to help others with it

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