Smelly vision

Hello people

I have recently gotten some of my sense of smell, meaning I’m putting my nose up to everything!

At first I was shock at how fish smell really awful and, then as was cooking realize that nasty smell is my house or me! I quickly jump into the shower, which took way too long because I was smelling the shampoo and other products.

I must brush my teeth like ten times in single day, I mean godly the smell it so bad!

And outside the world smell, all the darn time! This is so shocking I’m not sure if it was not better before.

I’m sure its just the shock of having new sense, but boy this surely is different

PS: What the worse smell you smelt so far? What makes you dizzy or makes you wanna vomit?


14 thoughts on “Smelly vision

      1. Oh so your sense of smell was nullified of sorts because you were used to chemical spills. That’s an interesting concept. πŸ™‚

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