New Chance for a Ride

Hello, everyone : )

I hadn’t had plans for this post, but just like all good things it sort happened or you make them happen. Yup, you best without some forcing nothing get done!
You see about two years ago, I keep thinking ‘I love to give new life to one those old rusted cars, have it run on the road again’ but kept thinking, that not possible I don’t have the skills. Have negative thinking getting in the way!

The conversation would pop up and all those around me would tell me: you can do that when you’re older, oh when you retire, when things are right. Like a kid, or relationship there never right moment, there is here or not. And not wanting to wait I set out to fight the logical approached, I jump into it!

I made few phone calls, money was a problem. I finally found someone willing to get rid of there rusted bucket of a car, abandon behind a fence were no eyes could see it slowly wither into nothingness. It current owner was ready to get married and be rid of it, and I was eager to possess it! How one man’s trash is another treasure huh?

As you can guess I done no research. Yes, you read that right, I did no research except for picture of what the car look like fully restore and taught: hey I like that color and shape!

Didn’t much check on part availability or resale value.  All in all, you could say I just trusted the gut feeling. Did I tell you I had absolutely no knowledge of how to restore a car! Again like parenthood or marriage, there no guidelines, most trial and error.

So how is the project now? I’m currently getting working on replacing the 35 year old brakes and electrical.


10 thoughts on “New Chance for a Ride

  1. The way you see the world is so amazing. For me, instead of a car, it was a cat. I never had a pet before until I got my own apartment. Her name’s Silly and I didn’t have a maternity bone in my body until I rescued her. There’s no rules but you learn instinctively.

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    1. Oh thank you for complement, I have always felt people discard things very easily among them cars, which have rich history, what did one one day? Brought boy to his first job, carry a family around, possible save someone.
      I love cats actually : )

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