Hi, once again : )

I’m very camera shy (unlike other bloggers who have countless pictures of themselves) but here is picture of me minutes before I was taken to the surgery room. I had a lot of anxiety and anticipation. My doctors and nurses were incredibly funny and in no moment did I feel, panic or any sort of negative feeling.

The surgery was success, they rebuild my nasal pathways which become damage and bleeding after my respiratory infection. I only had one little problem that my asthma and the anesthesia caused me to stop breathing, that why in the pictures there tube with oxygen next to me.

Iā€™m recovering now, sitting in bed warm with tea be the side.

PS: I’m incredibly camera shy and think of myself as not good looking, so it took five times for me to finally post a picture of me


15 thoughts on “Surgery

      1. I hear ya, dude. My parents were totally unsupportive and negative throughout my childhood too. Glad I found my husband. He really pulled me up and helped me find my sense of self-worth. Hang in there! xo

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  1. Same thing happened to me. I had eye surgery twice so far but I need another surgery this summer. But anyway, the nurses and doctors made me laugh and told me I’m safe and I will be okay. I woke up gasping for breath but they helped me every step of the way.

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      1. Yeah I wouldn’t want my ex’s friend to perform surgery on me lmao. He would probably harvest my organs in the black market for a huge profit lol good to have positive people in the nursing field.

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    1. Hahaha wow that mighty big complement, I’m quite flatter.
      If you knew the pain endure for the last two years and how miserable and made me feel, yup I was willing to smile and change my life.

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