A brand new me

Hi, here we are once again.

Today is a special post, it pertains to one of the 99 projects I want to finish. In this case this one being surgery. I’m finally undertaking it and today is the day.

You see I have been delaying this surgery for now going on 3 years, from the day I got the pneumonia and slowly develop the nasal obstruction that robe me of my sense of smell. From the very first day I been making excuse: oh don’t have money, oh too risky and so on.

Some background on this:

I developed this horrible caught one night that it was raining and got locked out my house, I try to fight through seeing as I regularly have asthma, but in two days later I was down for the count and delirious with a fever. Alone at my house and with no way contact the outside world, I finally said: Enough! Were upon going to the hospital I was taken in oxygen, sense then there been a constant battle with allergies, polyps and bleeding.

Aside from being a constant source of annoyance the condition make me feel really gross, unattractive and hurt my self-esteem and prevents me from doing the activities I usually do.

I mean imagine going date with this dude who constantly bleeding out his nose, ya not very attractive. Or trying to work on mechanical repair and with the heat of the sun you get wheezy and felt like you’re ready to faint.

Let’s go back to the point, after I realized that the excuse of no money wasn’t going to make me feel any better, I processed to take a loan out and go into it. Saw five doctors and several pills later, I was finally in the way to surgery.

As matter fact today is the big day, from here on out it big change!

PS: I keep you guys updated in the situation, meanwhile have wonderful day!


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