The Questions that moved me


Do you look from approval from others? Do perform things so other may see you, as example? Who are you trying to impress?

Those were the question one day my friend propose to me, and I was sure could answer them until I started thinking…

I suddnely realize every project I undertaken I was trying to prove something, but to who or better why? Did I believe myself not capable, because of health or social position?

The more I search within myself, the more came up with question: Who I am really trying to impress?

And then my friend ask me another question: What happen to your dreams? What made you this way?

Continuous personal failure.

I tried and tried but no matter what I was trying to impress, show off, or let the world know there was something different about.

What about you? He asked me again. Those this make you happy?

After a year of struggles, I chose to write this blog and document my new path, in choosing to do thing for myself instead of others.

But what about you? Are you still seeking to please someone else? Unable to see why you are happy or uhappy?


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